Bonita Jamaica positively promotes Jamaica in the global community via photographs and videos; since 2006. Our motto is One Island, Every Kind Of Beauty. Photographs shown on this platform are owned by Garvin Gray, who owns Bonita Jamaica. Prints on paper and canvas are available for purchase via this website. Please use the Contact link to inquire about image licensing, private clientele services, gallery exhibitions, and for other inquiries. Prints on this website are in the ratios 3:2 (landscape), 2:3 (portrait), and 2:2 (square).

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My favorite Jamaica-focused non-profit [501C(3)] is the JAHJAH Foundation. JAHJAH means Jamaicans Abroad Helping Jamaicans At Home. Please support the JAHJAH Foundation.


Garvin Gray, MBA

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One Island, Every Kind Of Beauty

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